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About Aulour Blanket


 Aulour Blankets are fantastic for other uses, like underlay for cosmetic beds,(see some of our images) as one of our best customers have been buying them for each of her salons. They are also a good standby for camping, caravans, picnics, etc.

Aulour Blankets are hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly.


:  The start of a good home is its comfort. With Aulour Blankets the whole family can rest easy. You can curl up in bed, or on the lounge, wrap yourself in an Aulour Blanket and be as warm as toast, throughout the cold winter evenings. Not cold, but feeling sensual? Just lay down on your Aulour Blanket and feel its softness.

What does it feel like? It feelslike silk.



Fashion Jewelry, or as it's usually called, costume jewelry is a collection name for some fantastic fashion statements. Costs can be almost as high as the real gold/silver/precious stone jewellery themselves.

We at Aulour.com.au work very hard to bring our clients the best in Fashion Jewelry at a reasonable price, yet the best look. Even that, we discount the price further where bossible.

Check out our collections on different styles.

Fashion Jewellery.

Aulour.com.au has lots of great costume jewellery in stock. We have Cultured pearls from Willie Creak, authenticated, gift boxed and greatly discounted.

There are a variety of genuine Amber pieces for the discerning elegant Ladies, also Italian handmade Antica Murinna’ necklaces, earrings, bracelets and broach Aulour brings you the best Big, Bold and Beautiful Fashion Jewellery and small understated jewellery for the not so showy, modest Ladies.

There are some Indian Silver pieces. And some surprises.

Check us out it’s worth the few minutes to look for your hearts desire.

Just acquired a great designer’s collection. We have three necklaces on the Aulour.com.au site already. More to come later.