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Reuseable cotton Eco shopping bag


Step out in style, around town or around the world, with a reuseable bag that's fashionable, functional durable and has international credence. This seemingly small bag, stretches and expands to accommodate almost anything you put in it, from fruits and veggies, to breads, flowers and wine and it'll last years and years. Perfect for going to your grocer,  market, or simply having it on hand as a just-in-case bag .

. Beyond local shopping, this Classic String Market Bag is perfectly suited for the beach and travel so that no matter where you are in the world, you have your handy reuseable tote.

Australians currently use over 4 billion plastic bags at the checkout every year.  Making a change is simple; next time you shop just say 'no thanks' and use your own bag.

The production of plastic bags is depleting our non-renewable fossil fuels and killing thousands of sea creatures and birds.

The costs are not just environmental, the cost of plastic bags amounts to $100 million a year, which is added to our grocery bills.

It seems such a dreadful waste when you consider that most plastic bags are used once and thrown away virtually hours after use!

The good news is that change is happening, even if it's at a snail's pace! A number of stores such as Bunnings, IKEA and Target have banned or charge you for bags.   There are also towns throughout Australia who have banned the bag completely and South Australia has banned bags at all retail outlets.

So why dont you do your bit and keep a reuseable bag in your handbag, and a pack of them in the boot of your car.

Reuseable cotton shopping bags AU$9.95
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Eco Shopping Bags set 3 long handle AU$9.90
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