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Sasha is a renowned Jewelry Designer and she has consented to have some of her designs of necklaces to be sold from aulour.com.au 

She concentrates on the healing properties of her beads. The necklaces are one of a kind and not exactly the same will be sold.

Come check them out and if you like them, I'm sure you will, buy some.

Long Necklace of Agate beads AU$89.90
Click Here for Product Details! Natural Australian Agate gemstone long necklace 104 cm. [ More Information ]
Amathyst AU$95.00
Click Here for Product Details! Amethyst beads of different shades, sizes and shapes 70 cm. long necklace [ More Information ]
Australian Freshwater Pearl AU$39.90
Click Here for Product Details! Australian Freshwater Black Pearl and Tasmanian Seashell necklace. 48 cm. [ More Information ]